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Nothing beats the thrill of piloting you car around a race track, at the limit and with no fear of police, oncoming traffic, or kids running into the street. It's a great way to improve the most important aspect of the car: its driver. No matter how many performance modifications that you've made the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to reducing lap or trap times is becoming a better driver. But you will need a few essentials first. This section is designed to not only help those who are just beginning to get hit the track, but seasoned veterans as well. We have cullied all the important gear you'll need to make your trip to the track as exhilarating and safe as possible. We've logged thousands of track miles ourselves, so let our experience help you.

What You Will Need for the Car:

Brakes and tires take the most abuse at the track, and it's the first area you should upgrade. Forget the quiet, clean OEM brake pads and spring for some upgraded track pads. Along with the pads, it would be a good idea to flush your brake fluid and replace it with higher temperature fluid since you'll be running much harder, and hotter, than on the street. To help with brake feel, steel braided brake lines are a simple and inexpensive swap. OEM standard rubber brake lines expand and contract under pressure which takes away from brake performance.

  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors
  • Brake lines
  • Brake fluid

The fluids running through the internals of your car are the life blood of the mechanical components. Engine oil, transmission and differential fluid are all designed to keep the moving parts moving. When you start hitting the track, it's a good idea to upgrade these fluids so that they can handle the added heat and wear. Royal Purple offers a complete line of high performance synthetic fluids that not only protect the moving parts better than OEM spec, they actually decrease the friction between the moving parts which keeps the temperature down and increases power output and transfer. Again, a simple and inexpensive upgrade that works as well on the track as it does on the road.

  • Royal Purple fluids

If you really want to enjoy yourself on the track, you'll have to ditch the all season tires for some real summer or high performance rubber. A set of lightweight rims mounted with performance or "R" compound tires is the way to go for the true track fan.

  • Tires
  • Rims

After just a few laps you'll find those fancy all leather sport seats don't do a great job of keeping planted through high g corners. Step one is to get a better belting system, or harnesses. We offer Schroth harnesses that are a simple install and do not require major modifications to your current OEM set-up. A nice snug fit helps keep you in place behind the wheel and keeps your hands and elbows free to steer the car.

As you get more serious a race seat becomes a good idea. Not only will you stay firmly in place, you'll feel the subtle movements of the car much more clearly. And the seats we offer are almost always lighter than the OEM standards, so you'll gain a little performance as well.

  • Harnesses
  • Harness bars
  • Seats

Now that the car is prepped, you need to think about yourself. All track schools require at least a helmet when you're on the track. If you do nothing else, don't skimp on your personal safety. A good quality, lightweight helmet that fits properly will make your day at the track a safe and enjoyable one.

Proper gloves and shoes are a bonus, but once you've used them you'll wonder why you ever went without.

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Shoes