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Installation, Tuning and Performance Tailoring


One of the biggest differences between VRPerformance and many of the fly by night online outlets is the fact that we are a real world performance tuning shop. We provide professional installation and tuning of the performance products we sell. If you live in the area and have purchased performance parts from us, we would be happy to install them for you. Contact us by calling 586.991.2455.

Performance Tailoring

If you are not sure what exact performance product you need, and you don't live close enough to drop by the shop, we can still help. Tell us a little about your car and what you would like to do with it and we'll work with you through email conversations. Once we know exactly what you want to achieve with your car, we will recommend solutions that best suit your goals. We don't just sell parts, we offer solutions.

In the very near future we'll have a quick five question email survey to help us custom tailor a performance package for you.