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At VR Performance we have been long time participants in various car clubs and track events. It has been through these groups that we have met some great people with similar interests in improving the performance of their cars, improving their driving skills and talking about car related topics.

This is where we share information with the community. STAY TUNED!

Track Shop

Nothing beats the thrill of piloting you car around a race track, at the limit and with no fear of police, oncoming traffic, or kids running into the street. [Read More]

Race Shop

At VR Performance we want to build on all the track experience we have gained over the years and offer a line of products targeting the requirements of race cars. Whether you're a person that likes to race for hobby or you're a full time professional we want to build a relationship with you and provide you the parts and information needed to achieve your goals. These products include safety harnesses, helmets, race seats, R-compound tires to name a few.

The VR Blog

Visit the VRP-sponsored blog featuring technical articles about different vehicle dynamics that will help you better understand how your car works when it is in motion. We'll also have guest writers keep you in the know and case studies on the guys who already know...