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VRPerformance is all about performance-it's in our name-so when it came to finding a supplier of lightweight aerodynamic body components, we looked first and foremost for top quality kits that not only look good, but are also lighter and stronger than anything else on the market. After all, one of the best ways to make your car accelerate faster, corner quicker, and stop shorter is to take away weight and improve aerodynamics.

Vorsteiner produces some of the best lightweight aerodynamic body components for BMWs on the market today. The overall quality of the parts, the fit and finish, easily match OEM standards and the weave of the carbon fiber is show car perfect. Vorsteiner carbon products are produced using the same dry carbon vacuum technology that is commonly used in the Formula 1 and military aviation industries. Vorsteiner's unique vacuum forming process allows the parts to be up to 60 percent lighter than your stock factory parts for maximum performance and balance. Each and every Vorsteiner part is hand made with the utmost attention to detail and quality before they are delivered to customers.

We carry Vorsteiner's complete line, including vented race hoods, carbon fiber roofs, M3 CSL trunk lids and front bumper assemblies.


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