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In this day and age wheels have become an integral part of a car's performance and character. Whether you race your car or simply cruise on the street, it is important to equip your car with top quality wheels to add to its performance and appearance. The performance side of the equation can be stripped down to a couple variables: weight and strength.


Lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight and rotational mass which improves handling across the board, and provides more responsive braking and acceleration.


Wheel strength comes from a manufacturing process known as forging whereby metal in semi-solid form is pressed into a shape by a set of dies. In short, forging aligns the grain structure of metal and makes it much stronger compared to a cast wheel which is made simply by pouring molten metal into a mold.


The look of the design is also important because-- lets face it-- looks count. The range of designs, sizes and finishes available these days has never been better and at VR Performance we are fortunate to be dealers for 3 of the best forged wheel manufacturers in the industry. They are Fikse, Champion Motorsport and Volk Racing (manufactured by Rays). We offer the complete line from these respective wheel manufacturers and will work closely with you to select the proper model, size and finish to achieve the best performance and look for your car.


In addition to these manufacturers we also work with Tirerack and can offer you anything from their website including BBS, OZ and SSR-- just to name a few. Please contact us and we'll answer your questions and get you the information and products you want.

Please contact us to place an order or inquire about any of our products.